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Many companies use a Short-Form strategy consisting of [2:00], :60, :30 response driven commercials to accomplish their objectives of making a direct sale, creating brand awareness, driving retail and Amazon sales. This strategy is very successful when you can tell your entire story and present your value proposition in a short amount of time. The media placement can be more focused and more accessible to your target customer.

While shorter in length, the creation of these Short-Form ads are as sophisticated and strategic In execution and demand the same proven selling method to earn a customer’s business. In addition, the same backend solution must be built and employed to maximize effectiveness. When you align the right product or service that allows for a shorter message and pair it with a backend campaign management solution that is focused on results and optimization, you can be extremely profitable and scale quickly.

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What Others Are Saying

“Script to Screen is collaborative, professional & fun. They are willing to do whatever it takes to make the brand successful. They are honest, hard-working and experienced in multiple facets of DR and content.”

Eric Deutch

SVP Production & Content, Guthy-Renker

“Script to Screen is a true partner. They are definitely experts in their field yet always willing to consider new ideas and their client’s point of view and specific needs. They are true collaborators in every sense of the word and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. They continually go the extra mile to ensure my success. I feel, and am treated, as if I’m their only client. I hope to work with them again and again”

Mike Thomas

VP of Creative, Basic Research

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