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Maximize Product Success on Amazon

Occasionally, our messaging might sound like we are down on Amazon. There is nothing further from the truth. Amazon is a juggernaut in getting goods in the hands of consumers. We at Script to Screen frequently make purchases from it, as well as use it to sell things...

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How to Avoid Disruptions to Your Business

The Direct-To-Consumer strategy lifestyle is a busy one. Frequently, we’re not in the studio to do our Facebook Live shows, because we’re on-set filming a show for one of our many clients. But just because we are away from the home base doesn’t mean that we are going...

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What Makes Performance Marketing Work?

We are asked all the time, “What makes a direct marketing campaign work?” And there’s no easy answer. But there are definitely strategies, based on skill and experience, that can increase the chances of a campaign’s success. In this episode, Ken and Barbara discuss some of the campaigns they have previously worked on and try to get down to tactics that work.

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