They are...creative, dependable and results driven. Script to Screen was my first choice when it came to Direct Res...

David Oreck, Founder, The Oreck Corporation
Working with Script to Screen did more for my retail business in 45 days, than I had been able to do in eight years...

Maria McCool, Founder, Calista Tools

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Dollars out, dollars in.

Maybe you’ve heard the old saying about traditional brand advertising: “Half of it works, we just don’t know which half.” That’s not DRTV. With a Direct Response Marketing campaign you know exactly—to the penny—what your ROI is on every airing. And that includes first call conversions, upsells, “drag” calls, continuity retention, you name it. No soft measurements like “eyeballs,” or “impressions,” or “ratings points,” (all of which add up to zip in terms of measuring the real cost-effectiveness of your airing). No guesswork. Just the DRTV truth.

We're everywhere your
customer is.

When done in a comprehensive, well-managed campaign, DRTV drives direct sales, fresh leads, web traffic, retail volume, and new customer acquisition in every corner of the media galaxy. This “Be Everywhere” strategy drives revenues not just from TV, but also from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Wherever and however media is consumed, your offer is served as the entrée.

Brand Virility.
A strong, proven format
for solid branding.

DRTV hits hard, and right between the eyes. Your message is powerfully presented. Your brand image is indelibly imprinted. The 28.5 minutes that make up every long-form DRTV show provide plenty of opportunities to drive home your core brand personality, position, and purpose.

How high can you fly?
You'll need 02.

The sheer potential of DRTV is jaw dropping. You can go from a few thousand media dollars a week to hundreds of thousands or more, and you can do it fast. After all, if your show is earning two dollars or more for every media dollar spent—well, how much would you want to spend? And how quickly would you want to spend it?