3 Ways You Can Use Authenticity to Motivate

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What are three ways you can use authenticity to motivate?

Number one is you must have genuine enthusiasm and belief in the value of your product or service. Now listen, if you truly believe in your ability and your value of your product or your service to your customer, you don’t need to be motivated. You don’t need to be excited. You just have authentic motivation and excitability about your product or service, so you know, just be mo-just being motivated, just being excited about your product or service is authentic. You don’t have to make that up, so that’s one of the best ways to do it. It’s a no BS way. We really try to pull that out of our clients, and it’s really important that you think about why you’re motivated, why you’re excited, why you want to share your product or services to somebody. If you can do that, authenticity is absolutely just going to come out naturally.

Number two, your stories of enthusiastic people that you’ve helped. Why is this so important? Well, if you have somebody that can exude their excitement, exude their, their, their happiness with your product or service, it takes the onus off you. As a matter of fact, it makes it so, you don’t even need to over promise. Let them talk about how amazing your product or service is through a testimonial, and when you do that, that’s authentic, and the fact that you don’t have to do it, that in a way could be inauthentic, so take that burden off you, make sure you get amazing testimonials, and let them sell for you.

What’s super authentic is someone else telling their story in an enthusiastic way by how happy they are with your product or service, and that is one of the best ways to have a very authentic message. A great example of enthusiastic testimonials is a project that we worked on for Little Passports, and when I was interviewing the CEO of company, and co-founder, Amy Norman, we talked about getting testimonials that talk about the product or services of Little Passport, what a difference it made in their child, and she didn’t want to over promised about what Little Passports could do. Was she excited about it? Absolutely. Was she motivated to tell people? Absolutely. But she was more motivated to let people tell their personal stories about Little Passports, and what it meant to their family, to their children, so we did those testimonials and without Amy having to say anything about how amazing her product is, of course, she’s gonna believe that and she does believe that, but the testimonials did it for her, so we got a bunch of testimonials and we let other people tell the stories, and that made Little Passports even that much more authentic, that message even more authentic because she didn’t have to do it. The testimonials did it for her, so let third party, let testimonials do the selling for you, and you will consistently have a very authentic message.


The third one here is a big one to me. Always promise your customers and clients less and deliver more. Why is this so important? Well, I think it’s important for many reasons. One is, if you, if you over promise and you can’t even get to that point, you’re going to be seen as inauthentic. You’re going to be seen as not being able to deliver on what you’re promising, and that’s just kinda leaves a bad taste in people’s mouth. We just… We really try to avoid that. We always try to under promise, and over deliver, and I think it’s really, really important to do that because I just want, I want to set an expectation that we’re going to do some amazing work, and then when we over deliver on that it’s, we are seen as truthful. We’re very authentic, and it’s just one of the best ways to build trust is to, is to just be, is to not overhype things. Promise what you’re going to do, but you’re going to be very high level of what we do, but over deliver on that, and we take a lot of pride in that.

An example of that, we’re working on a program that is a, a teeth-whitening product, okay? So, part of what we’re delivering is we’re delivering a five-minute infomercial, a two-minute commercial, and some social media posts for Instagram and Facebook, and we knew that we had a lot of great content, but we talked about, and we said to the client is we’re going to deliver two Facebook ads and two Instagram ads that to be fulfilled the whole commitment to the campaign that we produced, and we, we knew we had so much more content, so when they love the social media content, we said to them, we’ve got ten or fifteen more that we can do, and we showed them a little example of what that was, and they were very excited about it. We were very excited because we knew we had some great stuff, and they want, they wanted more, and that was really beneficial for our client because we, they had so much arsenal to, to go out the gate with direct response campaign, so we really tried to make it a point to under promise, over deliver and when we do that, you’re going to be seen as trust worthy and authentic, so those are really three important things to do to be authentic.

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