A Case for Keurig

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When Keurig came to us, they were already a household name. Keurig was also very well positioned in the minds of the consumer as convenient. Keurig and convenience go hand in hand, but there are so much more to communicate about Keurig. Like the extraordinary care that goes into the quality coffee that Keurig delivers, the tremendous variety of coffee, as well as the world-renowned coffee brands Keurig offers.

Communicating a little known secret regarding the brewing process with Keurig K-Cup Pods is important to understanding why you get such a great tasting cup of coffee. All of these important messages had been overshadowed by the convenience factor Keurig is so well known for, and DRTVwas the perfect mechanism to communicate Keurig’s message, so we set out to achieve an aggressive MER that would allow Keurig to maximize their media budgets and that would sell units to consumers directly while creating demand for their viewers at retail.

 We believed we could help Keurig accomplish their goals. We did our comprehensive research on the market and their brand. We developed some very compelling creative ideas to communicate the message. The creative was based in solid direct response principles allowing us ample opportunity to sell while maintaining the integrity of the brand, which was extremely important to all of us.

Our strategy included an accomplished host that represented the brand and our target audience, passionately Keurig owners, a man-on-the-street segment for authentic responses, and coffee partner experts that speak to the quality of the coffee Keurig provides.We developed a unique man-on-the-street segment where we blindfolded random people and asked them to smell coffee in a Keurig K-Cup and get their reactions.


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