Body By Jake

  • Client: Body by Jake Global
  • Product: The Ab Scissor
  • Price Point: $250
  • Host: Jake Steinfeld
  • Objectives: Introduce the Ab Scissor to television, to work as a front-end profit center, and drive pull-through demand.

The Ab Scissor infomercial featured the latest in a line of successful fitness products designed by Body by Jake Global.

The infomercial was hosted by Jake Steinfeld, the founder of Body By Jake, who is best known as America’s leading fitness motivator. Body by Jake Global has been successfully developing and marketing fitness products and programs for the past 15 years.

The Ab Scissor infomercial tested successfully and rolled out nationally in November 2003, and generated $150 million in revenue.

In 2005, Jake was honored by the Electronic Retailing Association with an award for Best Male Presenter.

  • $150 million in revenue
  • Top 3-rated infomercial (Jordan Whitney)
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