• Client: Bare Escentuals
  • Product: bareMinerals Cosmetics
  • Price Point: $60
  • Objectives: To introduce the bareMinerals line of cosmetics to the market, to work as a front-end profit center, build continuity customer base and to drive retail sales.

In 2001, JH Partners, owners of Bare Escentuals, hired Script to Screen to produce an infomercial. Leslie Blodgett, President of Bare Escentuals, had been appearing on QVC for years, successfully presenting the bareMinerals line of cosmetics. So successful, that Script to Screen’s creative concept for this infomercial was to recreate the QVC presentation.

Retaining Leslie as the co-host along with Patricia Bastia, the infomercial was shot primarily on film, creating an elegant, eye-catching show that successfully demonstrated the uniqueness and high quality of the bareMinerals products. The bareMinerals infomercial tested successfully in December 2001 and rolled out nationally. In 2003, Script to Screen produced a second infomercial, continuing the success of the original campaign. Both shows consistently ranked in the Top 5 of the IMS and Jordan Whitney Reports.

In 2004 JH Partners recapitalized selling the company to Berkshire Hathaway, while continuing to utilize the infomercial/DRTV format as part of their advertising mix. In 2006, Bare Escentuals completed a successful IPO.  In addition to the overwhelming success of its DRTV advertising, it became the dominant category leader at QVC, Sephora and Nordstroms.

  • Grew revenue from $25 million to over $250 million
  • Consistently ranked in the Top 5 of the Infomercial Monitoring Service and Jordan Whitney Reports
  • Successful IPO 2006
  • Acquired by the Shiseido Corp of Japan for $1.7 billion, January 2010

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