Little Passports DRTV Success

Little Passports

  • Client: Little Passports
  • Product: Online Subscription to Little Passports
  • Price Point: $17.95-$20.95 monthly subscription
  • Objectives: To scale their business beyond online, expand awareness beyond social media and drive response to Little Passports’ website.

The goals of the Little Passports were to scale their business, expand the awareness of Little Passports beyond their social media, drive response to the Little Passports website and “Prime” potential Little Passports buyers for online conversion to a 1-year, monthly subscription to Little Passports.

We achieved these goals by relying on the voices of children to communicate the excitement they feel about Little Passports. Their enthusiasm can’t be faked; so the children featured in the spot were all Little Passport users. Maintaining an upbeat, lively, visually stimulating pace that would not only appeal to parents, but to children. Searching the Little Passports customer database for parent/grandparent testimonials, and recruiting them to capture their genuine, unscripted feelings on camera. Strategically positioning Little Passports as the ideal gift from grandparents. With Little Passports, your grandchildren. gets something every month from you! Ensuring that Little Passports was presented as something a child can do by him/herself, or with friends and family. This was purposeful; we did not want it to appear that parents had to do this with the kids, but certainly could if they wanted to. Selecting a female VO performer to deliver the expository information about Little Passports, as by far, the core customer of Little Passports is female (whether parent or grandparent). Including a brief appearance by the founders; two moms with an idea for a way to help create a global community, and to make learning fun. And, finally, structuring a compelling call-to-action with a strong offer.

Result: Due to its popularity as a gift item, Little Passports relies heavily on fourth quarter revenue. The performance of the spots was credited by the Little Passports’ founders as being the key to their success in achieving their 2015 fourth quarter financial projections. Quoted by Amy Norman, Co-Founder: “We for sure would not have met our Q4 goals this year without TV. And we actually exceeded our goals. Our big win is that we’ve found this new marketing channel, and hit it out of the park right away.”

  • Exceeded 2015 4th Quarter Goals

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