Sears Kenmore Vacuum


  • Client: Kingworld Direct/Sears
  • Product: Kenmore Progressive Vacuum
  • Price Point: $179.99
  • Objectives: To introduce the Kenmore Progressive Vacuum to the marketplace, and drive retail sales.

One of the reasons that Sears continues to use drtv as part of their marketing mix is undoubtedly the success achieved through drtv for such products as the Sears Kenmore Progressive vacuum.

Script to Screen was asked to create a direct response commercial that would drive retail sales for the Kenmore line of vacuums, and drive additional demand for all vacuum sales at Sears.

The Sears Kenmore Progressive vacuum was unique at that time in that it could be used to clean all floor surfaces, from carpet to hard floors. Script to Screen designed a commercial that not only emphasized those features and benefits, but was also cost effective.

The “

  • 122% increase in sales
  • Responsible for 80% incremental increase in all other vacuum sales at Sears.

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