How DTC Stays Relevant in 2021

Watch DRTV Expert, Ken Kerry and Havas Edge CEO, Abed Abusaleh

How do you make a $10 million budget feel like it’s $20 million?


Performance Marketing is an invaluable tool when it comes to optimizing your media. This webinar will show you how to maximize your media spend by making your money do more for you. It will demonstrate the importance of knowing your customers and staying current with their problems and concerns. Performance Marketing ultimately makes money work harder and smarter for longer.


On October 28, 2021, Script to Screen, a Direct-to-Consumer agency, held a #ThoughtLeaderThursday webinar. Script to Screen Co-Founder, Ken Kerry, interviewed Abed Abusaleh, CEO of Havas Edge. Founded in 1992 and acquired by Havas Edge in 2000, it is the largest growing, performing marketing agency in the world with offices in Europe and Australia, and will soon expand to Japan and India.

Our Guest

Abed Abusaleh is the CEO of Havas Edge (North America).  Throughout Abed’s professional career, he has been a Direct Response media specialist with proficiencies in both short and long form planning and buying.  With his experience, guidance, and insight, DRTV marketers such as Amazon, NortonLifeLock and eHealth, have all experienced increased sales and lower cost-per-acquisition. Prior to joining Havas Edge, Abed served as top account executive with Century Media. Abed is a graduate of Columbia University.


Performance Marketing through Direct-to-Consumer advertising requires finding the right media for a product/service by determining where that media will acquire the most customers at the least cost. Performance Marketing deploys television advertising of various lengths, from long-form (infomercials – [28:30]), mid-form (3-5 minutes), and short-form (:30 to 2 minutes), as well as using a variety of very short lengths on digital platforms (:10 to :30).  How do you determine the right balance between Connected TV (CTT) and Over the Top (OTT) versus other video viewing alternatives?  Performance Marketing involves maximizing a media spend over all sources that your customers are watching and making your media investment dollars go further by constantly looking at optimization and outcomes. This approach is significantly more strategic and measurable than traditional advertising.

Ken and Abed discussed Direct-to-Consumer marketing for the 45+ year old demographic and the opportunities available. Success includes educating the consumer. This demographic has significant purchasing power and is looking to understand why your product solves their problem better than your competitor’s.


[00:05]  Opening Introduction

00.30  Background of Havas Edge

01.58  Media flexibility builds revenue productivity

[02:10]  Equity vs. Performance

04.23  Marketing is an investment, not an expense

04.37  How to make your media dollars work harder

05.10  Marketing for the older demographic

14.41  Benefits of an agency

17.56. How to scale your business

26.08  Avoid being tone deaf

35.45  Closing remarks


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Influencer marketing is a vital tool that brands must utilize in order to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced business climate. By allocating media spend to influencer marketing, companies are able to target niche consumer segments that have been unavailable in the past. Learn the importance of the role influencer marketing plays in increasing brand awareness, trust, and purchase intent.

Join us on #ThoughtLeaderThursday, November 18, 2021 at [2:00]PM ET [11:00]AM PT as Script to Screen Co-Founder Ken Kerry talks with the SVP of Havas Edge, Luke Slota, about how influencer marketing can help you target new audiences and build consumer’s trust in your brand.


  • Why and how it’s important to find the right influencer for your brand
  • How influencers help create brand awareness
  • How to target unique segments of potential customers through influencer marketing
  • The differences between micro and macro influencers and how to use each effectively


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Ken Kerry

Ken Kerry

Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Script to Screen

Ken Kerry serves as an Executive Producer and Executive Creative Director at Script to Screen, and his hands-on involvement ensures the highest production values are combined with solid direct response principals. Script to Screen is one of the nation’s leading direct response television companies, producing more than 600 infomercials and DRTV spots, generating more than $6 billion in sales for its clients, and winning numerous awards for excellence.

Luke Slota

Luke Slota

Luke is the SVP of YouTube and Influencer Marketing here at Havas Edge. He is responsible for overseeing all strategy and implementation of the influencer marketing channel. Luke has been successful in scaling dozens of small test campaigns into evergreen acquisition channels spending tens of millions of dollars annually. Luke brings varied and valuable experience to his role with nearly a decade of time spent in the Influencer space. He has held every position in influencer media- from coordinator, all the way to VP of Influencer Marketing. Luke believes that strong relationships on the network side will always lead to better opportunities on the brand side.

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