Join DRTV Expert, Ken Kerry and NexRep CEO Teddy Liaw on How Telesales Fit in Your DTC Strategy.


Do you know enough about Telesales to profit?


Telesales are often overlooked in a world of digital sales, however, they can be an incredibly profitable contributor to sales.  The question is, do you know enough about telesales to profit?  These sales have changed drastically over the last few years, even more since the Covid-19 pandemic.  Script to Screen provides you with up-to-date information about how your business can successfully leverage telesales into larger average order sizes and expand the reach of your campaign during these unpredictable times.



On September 30, 2021, Script to Screen, a Direct-to-Consumer agency, held a #ThoughtLeaderThursday Webinar.  Script to Screen Co-Founder, Ken Kerry, interviewed Teddy Liaw, Co-Founder and CEO of NexRep, a company that offers human-focused call center solutions.  With Teddy’s expertise, and the way the company revolutionized the call center, NexRep could be of great benefit to Script to Screen’s business and their relationships specific to DTC.


Our Guest

Teddy Liaw is the Co-Founder and CEO of NexRep, growing the company under his leadership into one of the largest virtual at-home marketplaces in the industry.  With over 20 years’ experience in technology, he is a recognized thought-leader on the future of the modern call center and serves on contact center advisory boards.  He managed the agent business unit at Liveops, and previously held roles at Levi Strauss & Co, Canon Computer Systems, and TEK-Pacific.  He graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Business Administration and Ethnic Studies. 


The Development of NexRep

NexRep designed their business to empower a high quality, high performing virtual workforce. They believe that agent inspiration drives superior performance.  The NexRep marketplace and their proprietary platforms provide work-at-home agents with the tools, processes, and knowledge required to consistently deliver world-class customer service across all communication channels.



NexRep offers a U.S. based call center with high-performance agents.  In the past, call centers were typically large warehouses filled with hundreds of college students looking for part-time work while providing basic entry level service.  NexRep is now focusing on hiring stay-at-home moms in their 30s and 40s who listen and solve issues, bringing call centers to the next level.  People want to talk to a live person, a U.S. agent.  Bottom line, they want to be able to ask questions and get immediate answers.  NexRep has the ability and a team ready to assist!  The pandemic has led to significant changes in the call center industry.  Call centers are primarily located in India and the Philippines.  When Covid hit these countries, they were not prepared, nor did they have the materials/capability to work from home during lockdowns.  We do not have this issue in the U.S., as we have the technology and means to work from our home office with ease.  Ken and Teddy discussed the benefit of today’s modern call center and how crucial it is to have the presence of an (800) number on a company’s website or infomercial.  It legitimizes the product, and the data shows a 10% increase in numbers when visually seeing a telephone number that one can call. 



[00:01]  Opening

00.04  Introduction | The Modern Call Center

01.10  Interview begins

01.30  Teddy’s background

04.06  The benefits of having an (800) number and a live U.S. agent

08.44  Telecommunications and human interaction

11.10  Why NexRep?

30.48  Closing remarks


Our Next Webinar

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– Abed Abusaleh

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Join us on #ThoughtLeaderThursday, October 28, 2021 at [2:00] PM ET, [11:00] AM PT as Script to Screen Co-Founder, Ken Kerry, talks with the CEO of Havas Edge, Abed Abusaleh.  How performance marketing can help you find the right media and where that media will work most efficiently.

In this Webinar, you will learn:

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Ken Kerry

Ken Kerry

Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Script to Screen

Ken Kerry serves as an Executive Producer and Executive Creative Director at Script to Screen, and his hands-on involvement ensures the highest production values are combined with solid direct response principles. Script to Screen is one of the nation’s leading direct response television companies, producing more than 600 infomercials and DRTV spots, generating more than $6 billion in sales for its clients, and winning numerous awards for excellence.

Teddy Liaw

Teddy Liaw

NexRep CEO

Teddy Liaw is the CEO of NexRep, growing the company under his leadership into one of the largest virtual at-home marketplaces in the industry. He is a recognized thought-leader on the future of work, was appointed by CA Governor Newsom on his CA Entrepreneur Task Force, and has guided US Senators on policy. He serves on contact center advisory boards. Liaw graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS in Business Administration and BA in Ethnic Studies.

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