DTC Marketing – How Important are Microsites…Very

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Insights, Direct to Consumer, Featured Content

A lot of clients come to us, and they want to do a direct-to-consumer campaign. They have a corporate site, and they want to drive traffic to that corporate site. That’s a non-starter right off the top. You have to create a direct-to-consumer micro site specifically for the product or service that you’re selling. Your corporate site is gonna be great because you’re gonna have SEO and you’re gonna have tags and meta tags, and people are gonna go there and they’re gonna learn about the brand. But when they’re learning about the brand, you’re not selling them. That’s where you get breakage. That’s where problems happen, because where does that consumer go? They, they were driven there by a commercial about a product or service. They get to that corporate site and that product or service that you drove them to is just one of 30 products on there.

It’s gonna get lost. They don’t know what to do. So, a micro site is specifically about the product or service that you’re advertising on television, on all your digital, all your social, and even your connected television. You’re driving them there to get all the information that they want about that product or service. Now that microsite is going to make an offer, it’s gonna take them down a funnel to make them comfortable to make that sale. So, they make the sale, they say, click add to cart. They go to the cart. What’s the next upsell you’re gonna do? How are you going to get what we call an average order value? If somebody comes in for a 49.99 product because of the media spend, you want to get that at least up to a hundred bucks. So, you have to have a formula to do that.

Is that gonna be a second product for a discounted rate? Is that gonna be other products that you can add onto it? So, you want to get that average order value up to about 80, 90, a hundred dollars. That way your media dollars can be much more efficient because you’re driving people to that website. You’re getting that average order value up, and you can reinvest pretty heavily. It’s not about just putting a commercial out there and driving it to your corporate site. It’s about a transactional, direct to consumer site that has to be built. You can get attribution from all your other channels so you can decide what’s the money you can reinvest, how much you’re comfortable reinvesting. That’s a big, big part of what direct to consumer marketing is today. I don’t care if it’s linear television, I don’t care if it’s connected television, I don’t care if it’s just digital. You have to drive into a specific site that has an entirely different strategy than your corporate site. Then you have a direct-to-consumer model that can scale. Businesses can grow, and you can reinvest money over and over again. Now you’ve created something amazing.

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