DTC Marketing – It’s All About Exposure!

by | Sep 7, 2023 | Insights, Direct to Consumer, Featured Content

Today we’re gonna talk about a game changing shift in media deals, a showdown between traditional linear and streaming platforms In N C A A College sports. A few weeks ago, major college conferences faced a monumental decision that absolutely changed the playing field. One conference broke away, opting for a $23 million Apple streaming TV deal per team in the conference. However, other teams in the conference, they broke away for a $70 million per team linear television deal. So why the rush? It’s more than just money. It’s about exposure for the university and the athletes. So you might be wondering, what does this have to do with direct to consumer advertising and D R T V advertising? Well, it’s all about exposure because direct to consumer advertising relies on immediate sales across all channels. The best way to do this is linear television because you get a much broader audience compared to a limited streaming TV audience.

So picture this, a message reaches 70,000 people in a stadium, even at just 10%. That’s a substantial impact Now factor in the ripple effect and how that affects all other channels of distribution and all other channels of commerce, something that streaming television just cannot do. Now, streaming TV someday may dominate, but today that’s not the case because what’s most important in business is the next quarters coming up and the next two to five years, that’s what really drives business’s success. Our experience with Fortune 1000 clients is what matters most is the current quarters and the near future. So just like the N C A A prioritize exposure to thrive. So if your business survives on instant sales, massive exposure and impactful growth on a reasonable budget, the path is clear. So if you’d like to learn more about this direct to consumer reality, you can contact me at kCarey@scripttoscreen.com. Or if you prefer, you can talk to our chief revenue officer, Alex Dinsmore at Alexd@scripttoscreen.com, and we can talk to you about building a successful strategy in today’s marketing environment.

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