Why 90% of Ad Copy Fails Webinar with Dr. Greg Cynaumon

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Insights, Direct to Consumer, Insider Interviews

This webinar featuring an interview with Dr. Greg Cynaumon, the CEO of Adcology, aired in June 2020. If you would like to get updates on new Script to Screen webinars, please subscribe to our mailing list. 

Marketing is an interesting field in that it is all about understanding the minds of both your customers and potential customers. What motivates them, and conversely, what de-motivates them? What is the best possible way to explain to people that your product or service is the answer to a problem they’ve been having?

Psychology and marketing are intrinsically tied together. Therefore, when you have the knowledge of how the human mind will react when confronted with specific stimuli, you have the answer to all your marketing questions. If you want to raise the level of your marketing game, study psychology, or at least talk to someone who has.

Who is Dr. Greg?

Dr. Greg holds a doctorate and master’s in psychology and has written multiple psychology and self-help books ranging from business psychology to dream analysis. In addition, Greg hosted a PM Drive Talk show on KBRT in the 90s. During this time, he had a 360-degree view of advertising of the sales process, attending client meetings, evaluating advertisers for endorsement, reviewing countless ad scripts and seeing client results. That’s when he studied the relationship between psychology and marketing.

Currently, Dr. Greg is the CEO of Adcology. They deploy a system that behaviourally profiles a company’s customers and matches them with a massive database of top podcasts, radio programs and YouTube channels to find the perfect endorsers for a product. The result is a finely-tuned media campaign which eliminates much of the trial and error method that results in failed campaigns.

Identifying your customers by personality types creates rich multidimensional and actionable data that drives winning strategies. Similar personality types congregate to similar media based on content and on-air influencers and podcasters. Adcology also scrubs the internet for the most commonly used words, sentiments, questions and answers about their client’s products. This data forms the nucleus of a campaign strategy and creative which results in increased ROI in every campaign.

What are we discussing?

The webinar with Dr. Greg focused on three main points: 

  • Why ad copy makes a difference in Direct Response advertising
  • How radio or podcast advertising can be leveraged as a foundation to transition to television advertising
  • What psychological strategies make a difference in advertising

Have you ever thought about the specifics of how your marketing copy motivates your customers? Not just the selling message, but how the selling message is initially presented and who is best making the presentation? And which platforms are your product most likely to be successful? How an audience responds differently when listening to something on the radio or a podcast versus watching a video? Above all, Dr. Greg’s explanations on all these topics will seriously enhance your marketing IQ and help you create better strategies.

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