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As thought leaders, we inspire, empower, shape cultures and maximize sales
effectiveness and results through deep intrinsic customer engagement strategies.

Ken and Barbara Kerry, co-founders of Script to Screen bring you This Works Marketing.

This Works Marketing is a one-of-a-kind, “behind the scenes” opportunity to learn from businesses with enviable results.

Connect with us and gain insights from our Direct-to-Consumer case studies, interviews with CEOs and CMOs, secrets and strategies used to create some of the campaigns that delivered over $6 billion for our Clients.

See for yourself by viewing our videos below!


5 Ways to Build a D-to-C Model Using Response-Driven Performance Marketing

Here are five proven ways to take ownership of the consumer/brand relationship from third-party distributors and implement a D-to-C strategy that will lead your business into a more profitable future.

What You Need to Know About Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Direct-to-Consumer marketing is a business marketing strategy that gives you greater control, better margins and improved insights into your market.

Top 5 Trends in DTC Reply

Top 5 Trends in DTC Reply

Trends in business are constantly changing. That goes double for the Direct-to-Consumer business, especially as of late. While there are elements that stay tried and true dating back to the origins of capitalism, other pieces are constantly in motion, changing...

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A Case for Oreck

A Case for Oreck

We’ve heard it hundreds of times, “I have to see it to believe it.” Even though in our rapidly growing online world of ‘Click’ to ‘Add to Cart’ where we see something we want and with one tap of a mouse or touch of a screen, we’ve made a purchase sight...

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A Case for Shark

A Case for Shark

If you’ve been paying any attention to what’s been happening on TV and online over the past few years, you would’ve surely seen a Shark vacuum commercial or infomercial at some point during the day or evening aggressively and purposely showing how and why...

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A Case for Circulon

A Case for Circulon

When you think of quality home-cooking products, you can’t help but put Circulon in a class of its own. Yet even with its solid reputation for high quality, superior craftsmanship, and unique concentric circles, the Circulon Symmetry line of cookware was...

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Ken Kerry Interviews Blair Taylor, CEO, Taylor Talent Services

Ken and Blair discuss the in’s and out’s of choosing the right celebrity/talent to market/launch your Direct to Consumer brand.

Ken Kerry Interviews Maliq Hill, VP of Digital, Media Wire Marketing, Inc.

Ken and Maliq discuss Social and Digital Media and what it means to build a Direct to Consumer business and how you can leverage it to scale your business.

Ken Kerry Interviews Greg Cynaumon, Founder/CEO of Adcology

Adcology helps advertisers behaviorally profile their customers to find radio and podcast endorsers. Ken and Greg discuss the dynamics of creating a successful Direct to Consumer Campaign.

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